Company Overview

For over fifty years we have been transforming sheet metal and creating made-to-specs products designed and manufactured to satisfy our individual clients’ project requirements.

We began as a small workshop located just at the foot of the historic walls that run around Cittadella, and over the years we have acquired professionalism, skills and reliability guaranteeing our clients an experience and know-how of a company that has evolved and knows how to respond to market demand and requests.

insegna storica

Our Story

A small workshop

Igino Pierobon registers his workshop specialist in manufacturing gutters for civil and industrial use, with the Chamber of Commerce of Padua..


Company Establishment

This small workshop, to meet and satisfy the needs and challenges of an ever growing and evolving market, transforms itself and Profil System is established. The company moves head on into the construction industry by setting up a technical office responsible for designing and manufacturing ventilated façades, urban street furniture and industrial architecture.


The company begins to expand

Company management is handed down to the next generation of the Pierobon family, from father to son. Production is revitalized and upgraded with new and heavy-duty CNC computerised workcentres.


Innovation in the Production Process

The company is accredited with the in-house Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 certification.


Production Expansion

The Quality Management System is further upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 as well as obtaining the UNI EN 1090-1, EXC2 class certification allowing the company to expand into the manufacture of specialist structural aluminium and steel components for the construction industry.


Third generation becomes part of the business

The third generation of the Pierobon family becomes an operative part of daily company business.


Accreditation for Execution Class 3 according to EN 1090-2

Execution class 3 refers to supporting structures made of steel up to strength class S700 and structural components made of aluminium alloys subject to stress and fatigue. Typical examples include buildings with more than 15 floors, pedestrian, bicycle, road and railway bridges, and crane tracks.



Every day, we aim and strive at offering quality products thanks to the innovative and personalised production processes built on the cornerstones of transparency and professionalism, assets necessary to develop the company and market sector we work in. As committed to quality, we are also committed to working alongside our clients allowing them to focus on their core business while we take on the task of developing the technological solutions required for their projects drawing on our know-how. Professional know-how, transparency and reliability are our core values, which characterise our production and the way we work.


We strive to become the reference point for our partners and clients in this market sector, thanks to the years of experience and to our ability in adapting to the continuous changes and transformations in this ever-evolving industry. We believe, as we have done for the last 50 years, that innovating our processes and ideas is the key to responding to the constant expansion and evolution of our market sector without ever losing sight of our core values, professional know-how, transparency and reliability. A contribution of ours deep rooted in the respect for our clients and partners, is our drive to achieve excellence and quality in our products and to our personal growth, which is also the growth of our clients.

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